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This information is provided to help you access courses and services provided by Riverina Plant Operators School (RPOS).  It includes details of RPOS Policies and Procedures that could affect you, and various options that may be available to you.  It is important that you read this information carefully prior to your enrolment.


From 1 January 2015 all students undertaking nationally recognised training delivered by a registered training organisation will need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).  A USI gives students access to their online USI account which is made up of ten numbers and letters. It will look something like this: 3AW88YH9U5.  A USI account will contain all of a student’s nationally recognised training records and results from 1 January 2015 onwards. A student’s results from 2015 will be available in their USI account in 2016.

USI Student Information Fact Sheet

Access  to USI Web Site


Choosing a Course

Course information is available from our offices by phoning on:

(02) 6931 9737

Each course run has documented prerequisite requirements that must be met to be eligible for entry.


It is the trainers and assessors responsibility to ensure that a participant’s LLN skills are at the level of competence required by the Unit of Competency for which they are being trained or assessed.  They are not expected to be an expert in LLN.  They are however, expected to identify and understand the level of LLN required for the training and/or assessment, and to identify learners who may need varying levels of support with literacy.

If you are a participant that has limited literacy or numeracy skills, we encourage you to discuss this with the trainer and assessor or Training Coordinator before the course commences so that they are aware of any difficulties that you may experience.  This also allows them to check on you during the course whilst still maintaining your confidentiality

Riverina Plant Operators School offers a range of flexible study options that may include:

* Face to face classes
* Online delivery
* Traineeships incorporating on the job training (workplace training and assessment)
* External study (correspondence)

There is no PASS or FAIL when undertaking training with Riverina Plant Operators School.  You will be deemed COMPETENT or NOT YET COMPETENT.  If deemed Competent in a unit, this means that you have met and addressed all of the performance criteria required for the unit being undertaken.  If you are deemed Not Yet Competent, this means that all of the performance criteria has not been addressed for the unit and further training or assessment is required.  If you are found to be Not Yet Competent, your trainer and assessor will discuss with you what is required to be done and any associated costs that may need to be charged for additional training to be undertaken to get you to a competent level.

If you complete and are deemed Competent in an accredited qualification under the Australian Qualifications Framework, you will receive a Certificate of Completion/ full Qualification documenting the units of competency successfully completed.  If you complete and are found Competent in a unit of competency from a training package or an accredited curriculum, you will receive a Statement of Attainment

The Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations require RTOs to comply with all relevant Commonwealth, State or Territory legislation and regulatory requirements relevant to its operations and its scope of registration.  The new standards will be implemented from 1 January 2015 for new RTOs and 1 April 2015 for existing RTOs.  A copy of the Standards can be located at: http://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2014L01377
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL is the acknowledgement of current skills and knowledge which have been gained from a range of experiences including work, volunteering, study and general life experiences.  It is achieved through the assessment of evidence you provide against a set of criteria in a qualification.

Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer is the formal recognition that parts of some courses are equivalent in content and level to parts of others.

National Recognition

National Recognition is the recognition and acceptance by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) of Australian Qualifications Framework Qualification Certificates and Statements of Attainment issued by another RTO in Australia.

Riverina Plant Operators School accepts Australian Qualifications Framework Qualification Certificates and Statements of Attainment issued by other RTOs.

Student Enrolment

When you complete an enrolment form you will be acknowledging that you have been provided with the information contained in this document and on the website.  Please ensure that all sections of the enrolment form are filled in so that we may support any specific study requirements you have.  You are enrolled in a course once you have been selected, completed the enrolment form, and paid the course fees.

Privacy Policy

Riverina Plant Operators School is required to collect and store personal information in order to administer your application and enrolment, as well as to monitor your academic progress and to provide other services.  Riverina Plant Operators School will ensure that information collected from you is not excessive and is only used for the purposes for which it was collected.  Information collected can be sighted by both State and Federal Regulatory bodies including; WorkCover NSW, State Training Services and the Australian Skills Quality Authority for the purposes of conducting internal audits on the Organisation.


Each course or qualification run has an established fee.  This fee varies between courses, depending on the nature of the course, materials required and the location of where the course is being delivered.  Details of all fees are available prior to enrolment.

Access to Records

All participants undertaking training with Riverina Plant Operators have the right to access their participant records within 2 working days of providing notice by filling out the Learner Access Sheet (RPOS-16).  Participants do not have access to any third party reports or written progress reports collected from other providers, employers or trainers and assessors where discussions held are based on the opinions of those individuals or organisations.

Consumer Protection

Every time you buy goods or services, you are forming a contract which gives certain rights and responsibilities to you and the trader

The contract may be in the form of a receipt, invoice or other document outlining terms and conditions which you and the trader are agreeing to such as deposits, cancellation fees, consumer guarantees, warranties, delivery and product/service details, price, payment arrangements and more depending on the type of purchase you make. It is your responsibility to read and understand the terms and conditions of contracts so you know what you are agreeing to.  Your consumer guarantee can be downloaded from: http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/Consumers/Consumer_guarantees_warranties_and_refunds.html

Riverina Plant Operators School is not required to provide you with a refund if you simply change your mind upon commencing training, or the course becomes too hard and you do not complete.

Fees and Refunds - Short Courses

Please discuss any fee arrangements and concessions, which may apply, with your RTO consultant.  Riverina Plant Operators School has a vocational refund policy.   A copy of the full Policy may be obtained by contacting (02) 6931 9737.

Riverina Plant Operators School has reviewed and updated its cancellation policy for short course fees to ensure that reasonable administrative costs are covered, but at the same time to provide a partial refund even for very late cancellations.

Riverina Plant Operators School will refund all or part of your course if;

You have over paid the course fee (full refund for amount overpaid)
The RTO cancels the course for any reason (full refund for amount paid)
You have evidence of medical hardship or other extenuating circumstance which prevents your attendance, (full refund less administration fee of $30.00 per participant) or
You give five (5) working days’ notice that you have changed your mind about attending the course. (full refund less administration fee of $30.00 per participant)
A 50% refund will be provided for less than five (5) working days notice (before commencement of course).  
Riverina Plant Operators School will not refund course fees where you request a refund because you:

* Forgot to turn up
* Changed your mind about attending the course after the course commences;
* Changed jobs,
* Changed work hours,
* Move out of the area or are made redundant or retrenched

Code of Practice Policy

All courses are professionally developed with the cooperation of the relevant industry and are conducted by professional trainers.
Assessment and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) will be made available to all participants.  Your Trainer may also be able to guide you to further training opportunities.
All client information is maintained in total confidentiality.
Management performs both internal and external reviews, including evaluations on goods and services provided by Riverina Plant Operators School
Riverina Plant Operators School is committed to providing a safe learning environment with consideration to Occupational Health and Safety, Anti-Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Workplace Relations, Workplace Communication, Local Council Regulations and Disability Access.
Riverina Plant Operators School is committed to the provision of Quality Training and Services.

Code of Conduct & Student Behaviour Policy

The primary responsibility for managing the training environment rests with the Trainer. Participants who engage in any prohibited or unlawful acts that result in disruption of a class may be directed by the Trainer to leave the training.
Be punctual for your training sessions. If you are late for any reason, please have the courtesy to apologise and explain the reason why
Please respect other peoples personal space
Participants must turn off mobile phones whilst in training room. If you have any problems or concerns, please speak with your Trainer prior to training.
All participants in the training room must act with respect towards others and themselves.
Headwear must be removed upon entering the training room.
Abusive language, gestures or behaviours towards anyone is not accepted.
Please respect others and their right to participate in training.
Any form of discrimination will not be tolerated.
All training is focused on a “can do attitude” - choose yours.
The actions of participants must not endanger the health safety or welfare of others.
It is your right to disagree with our code of conduct. If you have any problems or concerns, please speak with your Trainer or other staff member of RPOS.
Foul language in general is not accepted at Riverina Plant Operators School from staff or participants.

Riverina Plant Operators School Pty Ltd has developed their customer complaints, grievances and appeals procedure to:

reassure learners that any disputes or grievances will be taken seriously, handled professionally and confidentially in order to achieve a speedy resolution;
reassure learners that any appeals when requesting reconsideration on a decision made by a trainer and assessor will be taken seriously and closely scrutinised
ensure that learners have a clear understanding of the steps involved in the Organisation’s grievance policy; and,
provide learners with contact details of public, independent authorities who may assist in the event of a dispute or grievance.


The aims of this policy are to:

ensure all learners that the Organisation will follow the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness by allowing anyone who has made allegations or are appealing a decision, to tell their side of a story
ensure all learners are aware of RPOS Customer Complaints, Grievances and Appeals Process and their right to take their complaint or grievance to the State Registering Body or ASQA if they wish to do so;
ensure all learners that the decision maker will be independent of the decision being reviewed
all complaints received will be given top priority and consideration with full attention to details with the objective of immediate solution, and amicable settlement to all parties concerned;
resolution to any dispute between aggrieved parties will be addressed informally, and in an open and trusting environment; and,
all matters will be resolved with reference to the Win-Win principles of dispute resolution.
The steps in the Complaints, Grievances and Appeals Process are:

a. Local Level Resolution

The Organisation encourages open communication and an environment of trust. Therefore, any learner with a grievance is encouraged to firstly raise the matter directly with the other party concerned. A meeting should be requested, by the learner, at which time the matter in dispute can be raised and a resolution sought.  Complaint is to be investigated within 48 hours of being notified of the complaint and complainant notified of outcome within 72 hours of investigation being undertaken (if practicable).

b. Resolution by Training Manager

Should the matter remain unresolved following Step A., or should Step A. be inappropriate, the learner is encouraged to contact the RTO Training Manager. The Training Manager will consider the grievance and recommend a resolution. Complaint is to be investigated within 48 hours of being notified of the complaint and complainant notified of outcome within 72 hours of investigation being undertaken (if practicable).

c. Resolution by Director

Should the matter remain unresolved following Step B., or should Step B. be inappropriate, the learner is encouraged to contact the RPOS Director for consideration and due intervention, as necessary, in order to reach an objective solution to the matter in dispute.

If a complaint or an appeal (including any review process) is to take more than 60 days to finalise, the complainant will be contacted as well as being notified in writing explaining the delay in the above process

d. Resolution by Arbitration

Should the matter remain unresolved following Step C., the RPOS Director may appoint an independent arbiter to review the dispute and suggest an amicable solution.

e. Resolution by External Authority

Should the matter remain unresolved following Step D, the learner may seek the advice of an independent authority that is skilled in dispute resolution processes or a complaint can be directly lodged with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). The Australian Skills Quality Authority is the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training sector.  ASQA regulates courses and training providers to ensure nationally approved quality standards are met. If you are a local/domestic student of an ASQA RTO and you intend to make a complaint, you must first follow the internal complaints and appeals procedures as set out in this document.  Complaints can be made using ASQA’s online complaint form found at www.asqa.gov.au  and look for the heading “Complaints”.

Riverina Plant Operators School is committed to Work Health and Safety and welfare issues affecting both staff and participants.  You also have a legal duty to take care and protect your own health and safety and to avoid adversely affecting the health and safety of others.

There is no guarantee that participants will be deemed Competent in the WorkCover NSW National Assessment in the class of licence being undertaken.  If a participant is deemed Not Yet Competent or Not Satisfactory in their initial assessment, they will not be put forward to undertake the WorkCover NSW Assessment until further training has been undertaken.  If a participant is deemed Not Yet Competent in their WorkCover NSW assessment, there will be a requirement for participants to attend and undertake further training which will need to be documented before a re-sit of the assessment can be done.  A cost to the participant or employer will occur when additional training and re-assessment is required.

There is no guarantee that someone undertaking Heavy Vehicle Licensing will be deemed competent in the allotted timeframe given for the cost charged. We will not deem anyone competent that we feel is a danger on the road or not yet competent to drive a Heavy Vehicle.  If further training is required, the Heavy Vehicle Instructor will discuss this with the participant.  Any additional training required over and above our allotted timeframes will incur additional fees on an hourly basis.

Riverina Plant Operators School is committed to listening and responding to what you as a student have to say, so that we can continuously improve our services to you.

Riverina Plant Operators School will listen with respect to your verbal feedback, treat all feedback confidentially, and take appropriate action.  Your feedback is welcome and helps us to improve its services to you.

All accredited short courses and full qualifications delivered by Riverina Plant Operators School provide you with the opportunity to provide written feedback by filling in an AQTF Learner Questionnaire.  These questionnaires are collated into a software program to gather information including:

* Satisfaction with course content - theory and practical
* Satisfaction with Trainer and Assessor
* Satisfaction with facilities provided and materials used
* Satisfaction with Training Organisation delivering program

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in the student pre-enrolment brochure is correct.  Riverina Plant Operators School reserves the right to alter policies at any time without prior notice.  Policies may have been only partially reproduced in this brochure. Enquiries can be made for full and current details by contacting the above numbers